Auto Body Repair Fort Myers

At Dennis Harmons Auto Body we are committed to exceptional customers service! Our customers are well informed. We take the time to intentionally explain every claim in full detail and offer a full list of options.

We use factory / original equipment manufacturer parts and perform repairs to manufacturers’ specification.
The administrative function is the most comprehensive process in your vehicle repair.
Our staff coordinates everything from the towing to the final detailing of your vehicle.

Whether you’ve got an older vehicle that is in need of restoring a faded or damaged paint finish or if you’ve been in an accident requiring repairing and auto body painting collision damage, DHAB can help with your auto
painting needs.

Auto body painting can be a complicated process since auto paint is a very complex paint. It comes in 10,000 colors and effects, and has increased luster, shine, depth, and weather resistance than any other type of paint. Yet it is extremely thin (only .003 inches thick). Auto paint repair requires great skill, experience and expertise, and DHAB has more than 50 years of experience.

We can perform spot painting or complete auto paint jobs. Spot painting is a less-costly process and appropriate when your car needs only a couple of areas (like one or two panels) painted. In some cases, painting those panels could cost more than painting the whole car. Or, we can paint your entire car. This is preferable when your entire vehicle’s paint finish has begun fading, cracking or peeling, or doesn’t retain its shine or wax jobs anymore.

We see many customers who are ready to sell their vehicle and believe that investing in a new or updated paint job will garner a larger asking price. We will work with you to determine the best solution for your vehicle. We provide the best price and quality you will find.

Our auto paint work is guaranteed. Our job is not finished until you are satisfied. Call us today at (239) 332-1813 to schedule an appointment or just stop in by the shop!

With over 50 years of experience, combined with old school know how in Auto Detailing & Body Work, Dennis Harmons Auto Body Fort Myers is the place to come to!
When You Want It Done Right!

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2534 Highland Ave. Fort Myers, Florida
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